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New release 2.15.02

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:00 am
by admin
Changes since release 2.14.59:
  • Fix: The IPv6 Router Advertisement messages sent to local unicast address are not received
  • New option "Enable scramble" in "Remote servers" section
    This option enable the "scramble" option based on the openvpn_xorpatch and can be used only with servers modified with the same patch.
    This option has been added to extend the compatibility also with the patched OpenVPN servers.
    Anyway the preferred method to obfuscate the packets is the obfsproxy (already supported in previous releases).
  • New options "Set IPv6 RA messages retries"/"Set IPv6 RA messages timeout"
    These options allow to adjust the number of attempts to receive the IPv6 Router Advertisement messages and the seconds to wait for these messages.
  • New option to merge the backup
    The restore dialog has the new option "Merge with current configuration"
    When this option is selected, the backup is restored without delete the current VPN profiles
  • New option "Do not show floating buttons"
    This option can be found in Settings.
    When this option is selected, all floating buttons are replaced with menu actions or normal buttons.