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New release 2.15.26

Posted: Mon May 01, 2017 12:00 am
by admin
Changes since release 2.15.21:
  • Fix: With OpenVPN 2.4.x the default connection timeout is too high (120 secs). Now the default is forced to 10 secs. as in OpenVPN 2.3.x
  • Fix: the option "http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER" was not imported
  • Updated openvpn to 2.4.1
  • New option "Reconnect on AUTH_FAILURE error"
  • Fix: When the tun device is closed the "ROUTING" tab show old informations
  • New UI to select the auto connect Wifi SSID
  • Improved editable lists
  • New options to show the log date/time
  • New log entries about connecting/pausing/resuming/disconnecting requests
  • New log entries about connectivity change events
  • The option "Pause when all connectivities are down" has been removed. In this case the VPN is always paused.
  • New options to customize notification sound
  • Allow to add multiple http proxy custom headers
  • New option "TUN device opening behavior"
    For android 4.4 (KitKat) the default is set to "Close before open"
    The current tun device is closed before to open a dummy tun device (used to drop the packets while the VPN is not connected).
    Between close/open there is a small delay, so some packets may be sent outside the VPN.
    Anyway, on Android 4.4 this is necessary otherwise the VPN subsystem is stuck until a device reboot
    For other Android version, the default is set to "Open before close"
    The dummy tun device (used to drop the packets while the VPN is not connected) is opened before to close the current tun device.
    In this case the packets are always sent to the VPN.