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New release 2.14.19

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:00 am
by admin
Changes since release 2.14.12:
  • Fix: The PEM certificates with extra spaces were not imported correctly
    If the header "----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----" or footer "----END CERTIFICATE----" had extra spaces, the certificates were not be imported
  • Fix: The extra-certs option was ignored by the ovpn import routine
  • Fix: two or more remote options not enclosed in <connection></connection> was not imported correctly
  • Fix: Now the menu item "Export log" is shown only when the "LOG" tab is selected
  • Fix: Auto connect on boot now work also on Free version
  • Fixed Chinese translations (Thank you Zhuyug!)
  • New usage statistics
    Now the app can keep track of the vpn usage for the last 30 days.
    The data saved for each connection are: start time of the connection, total connection time, total data sent and total data received.
  • New option "Don't keep track of the VPN usage"
    When this option is enabled, the current usage statistics are not saved anymore and the current data are deleted.
  • New menu item "Export usage statistics"
    This menu item allow you to export the usage statistics in csv
  • The import of a ovpn profile preset the vpn name to the file name
  • New option "Don't show throughput/uptime" in "Notification" section
    When this option is selected, the notification not show the throughput and the uptime.