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New release 2.14.28

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:00 am
by admin
Changes since release 2.14.26:
  • Updated openvpn to 2.3.7
  • Updated openssl library to 1.0.2c
  • Updated lzo library to 2.0.9
  • Updated appcompat library to 22.2.0
  • Code optimizations
  • Fix: small problems on import routine.
  • New Settings activity
  • New option to change the font size
  • New icon to change the configuration of the widgets
  • New "Ignore pushed DNS servers" option
    When this option is selected the DNS servers pushed by the remote server are ignored
  • Now is possible to set manually also the secondary DNS
  • New threshold for "Pause when screen is off" option
    Now is possible to set a threshold, so the VPN is paused only if the VPN usage is less than threshold
  • Added "remote-random" to "Custom options" section