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New release 2.14.37

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:00 am
by admin
Changes since release 2.14.34:
  • New support for obfsproxy (obfs2)
    This proxy can be used to obfuscate the openvpn packets and bypass the Deep Packets Inspection of some advanced firewalls. The proxy must be used on both client/server side.
    To enable it on the client side:
    edit the VPN
    tap on "Remote servers"
    tap on the hostname/ip address
    select "obfsproxy (obfs2)" in "Use proxy"
    if needed, insert the shared secret used on the server side.
  • Fix: problem to import ovpn files with comments at the end of the lines
  • New checkbox to save the passwords directly from system dialog
  • New search box in the app list dialog (App filter)
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translations
  • New Traditional Chinese translations
  • New option "Do not use credential storage" in the settings activity.
    On some few devices the credential storage api could not work as expected.
    (For the moment this happened on some Motorola Moto X devices)
    As result of this issue, the saved VPN profiles could be deleted.
    To fix this problem:
    start the app
    tap on the device menu button
    tap on "Settings"
    select "Do not use credential storage"
    tap on the confirm button in the top bar