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Question: Apologies if it is obvious but I have missed it, but where is the manual for "VPN Client Pro"? I cannot seem to find it on these forums.

Problem: I have an IPv4-only SSTP VPN that works great with Windows clients. Trying to use this product to connect an Android 7.x tablet. I enter an IPv4 route and no IPv6 route (IPv6 is not required for this VPN). After entering the IPv4 route of the VPN's subnet, the software will not let me save the configuration and indicates: Error, Add at least one route

I may have a fundamental misunderstanding about what needs configuration and how, and I am looking for the manual for the product...

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Re: Instructions?

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I'm sorry but at the moment there is not a manual.
Anyway you can ask here for the app's informations.
Here the steps to configure a SSTP VPN:
  • start the app
  • tap on "+" button
  • tap on "New SSTP VPN profile"
  • fill the "VPN name" field
  • tap on "Remote servers"
  • tap on "+" button
  • fill the "Remote host" field with the ip/hostname of the remote server
  • tap on "OK" button
  • tap on top icon like a floppy disk
By default, the VPN will route all packets (except the local WiFi subnet).
If you wish to route only some subnets:
  • tap on "IPv4 Routes"
  • unselect "Redirect gateway"
  • tap on "+" button and add the VPN subnet

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