Connectivity change detected: WiFi - <unknown ssid>

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Connectivity change detected: WiFi - <unknown ssid>

Post by usadream » Mon Mar 23, 2020 6:04 am

First of all, thank you for the great app. The only issue I have is, that the wireguard VPN does not disconnect automatically when connected to the home wifi, even if the SSID is selected in the auto connect exception list (see screenshot). The app doesn't seem to recognize the SSID the phone (Samsung Note10+, Android 10 original) connects to. Is there a known fix to this I have to change on the router or the phone? (Btw. even selecting "Disconnect when the mobile connectivity is down" doesn't fix the issue).

Thank you for ur support

2020-03-22 16:45:03 Connectivity change detected: WiFi - <unknown ssid>
2020-03-22 16:45:03 The connectivity is changed.
2020-03-22 16:45:03 Restarting...
2020-03-22 16:45:05 Add peer[x.x.x.x]:x
2020-03-22 16:45:05 set keep alive to 60
2020-03-22 16:45:05 ->
2020-03-22 16:45:05 -> ::/0
2020-03-22 16:45:05 Send handshake (1) to x
2020-03-22 16:45:05 Handshake with x completed
2020-03-22 16:45:05 Connected
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Re: Connectivity change detected: WiFi - <unknown ssid>

Post by admin » Tue Mar 24, 2020 10:43 am

Thank you too for using the app
On latest Android versions the WiFi SSID can be get only if the App has the Location permission and the Android's Location (GPS) feature is enabled.
Please try to open Android's settings, check the app permission and enable the Location feaure

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