Can't map drives from within or behind NATed LANs

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Can't map drives from within or behind NATed LANs

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With android OpenVPN Client Pro (old version) I can’t map drives on my Home LAN (nor can I connect with remote desktop, ping machines on my Home LAN, etc.) from within my home LAN (behind DD-WRT firmware router with NAT) but only by connecting my device directly to my cell provider and thus bypassing NAT. I also cannot do any of the above from within any other NATed routers—for instance, our daughter’s).

With Windows 10 OpenVPN clients (on my laptop, for instance), however, I can map drives successfully (and do any of the above) with OpenVPN from within my home LAN and other NATed LANS.

So, what might be preventing me from mapping drives within my home LAN and other LANS using OpenVPN Client Pro when I can do so with Windows 10 OpenVPN client?

Interestingly OpenVPN Client Pro connects with my server (DD-WRT OpenVPN server located on my home router) and shows exactly the same routing as when I connect though my cell provider. This leads me to believe the cause might be a NATing problem but I could be wrong.

Here is my android OpenVPN Client Pro config directly from an OPVN export.

Thanks for any help with this

dev tap
remote 1194 udp4 <this is a dynamic dns connection>
tun-mtu 1500
fragment 1300
mssfix 1420
connect-retry 5 5
comp-lzo yes
remote-cert-tls server
resolv-retry infinite
verb 4
cipher AES-256-CBC
auth SHA1

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Re: Can't map drives from within or behind NATed LANs

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Maybe the WiFi's network overlap the VPN's network and by default the app give the precedence to the local WiFi network.

Please, try to follow these steps:
  • edit the VPN
  • tap on "IPv4 routes"
  • unselect "Don't route the local network"
  • save the changes

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