Missing VPN "key" icon in Status bar

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Missing VPN "key" icon in Status bar

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My new phone (Oneplus 6t with OxygenOS Pie) does not display the "key" icon when OpenVpn client is running. However, the icon shows up in the status bar when the quick tiles are displayed...(Swipe down from top of screen.)

Here are two images to illustrate what I mean. The notification area shows the OpenVpn shield, but the status bar does not show the key icon.
Screenshot_20190419-115120.jpg (38.38 KiB) Viewed 1792 times
A swipe down on the home page reveals the key icon.
Screenshot_20190419-115127.jpg (48.93 KiB) Viewed 1792 times

Is this supposed to work this way? can I get my key icon back when running OpenVpn?


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Re: Missing VPN "key" icon in Status bar

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Don't worry, this is the normal behavior of the latest Android version.
Anyway you can continue to check the app shield icon.

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