ARP requests under TAP possible?

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ARP requests under TAP possible?

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Hi, I have purchased OpenVPN client, lifetime license, because it supports TAP through emulation. This has worked really well to access an IP camera through OpenVPN with the server activated with TAP on my Asus RT-AX86U PRO router running Merlin v388.2_2. The client runs on my Google Pixel6a with Android 13. I used first Wireshark to find out why my camera originally was not responding to the app running on my phone through OpenVPN using TUN: the app sent out broadcasts that evidently could not pass through TUN. Activating TAP on Asus and installing your client software on my phone did the trick.

However, I have two more cameras of a different brand that still can not be accessed through OpenVPN, neither TUN nor TAP allows the respective app on the phone to get through. Wireshark shows that this other app and cameras use an ARP request/response to get the communication started (which runs OK when directly on the network, i.e. without a VPN tunnel). Does anyone know whether there is a way to deal with ARP through VPN Client Pro? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: ARP requests under TAP possible?

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Thank you for your purchase.
I'm sorry but it's not possible because the TAP interface is emulated on a TUN interface which cannot receive ARP packets
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