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Auto connect/disconnect

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first I've to say, VPN Client Pro is a cool App.
I did some experience with VPN and most time, it's not easy to setup the client and server side.
But with VPN Client Pro it was quite easy to connect to my private VPN-server.

But now I've a question regarding the auto connect and disconnect setup, because it doesn't work as expected.
I use my private VPN to connect my mobile devices (smartphone/tablet) to my home intranet and to route their complete internet traffic via my home router into internet.
So I like to realize the following auto connect/disconnect use case in VPN Client Pro:
My mobile devices shall always connected/routed via VPN, except when they are directly connected to my home WLAN.
If they lost connnection to my home WLAN SSID, they shall connect/route via VPN (independent if they are connected via mobile or an other WLAN).
If they logged into my home WLAN SSID, they shall disconnect/pause the VPN.
What is the correct setup for this use case?

Kind regards, Heiko
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Re: Auto connect/disconnect

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thank you for using the app.

Here the steps:
  • edit the VPN profile
  • tap on "Auto connect"
  • select "Connect when the mobile connectivity is up"
  • select "Disconnect when the mobile connectivity is down"
  • select "Connect when the WiFi is connected but not to these SSID" and insert your home SSID
  • select "Disconnect when the WiFi is down or SSID is not allowed"
On the latest versions of Android the current WiFi SSID can only be read if the app has location permission.
Therefore, to use this configuration, the location permission must always be granted
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