Unable To Connect To OpenVPN

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Unable To Connect To OpenVPN

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I just started using this app again recently and have found that I can not connect to my openVPN profiles that I set up.

The app states that it is connected to the VPN, an icon shows up in the top right corner of my Samsung S21 phone, but when I run a speed test, it still shows me in my current location.

I have tried multiple config files from two different VPN providers, same result.

It works fine when connecting via WireGuard.

Any suggestions to remedy this issue would be most welcome.
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Re: Unable To Connect To OpenVPN

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maybe the remote OpenVPN server doesn't push the redirect-gateway option.
Please try to set it manually:
  • edit the VPN profile
  • tap on "IPv4 Routes"
  • select "Redirect gateway"
  • save the changes
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