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Feature request

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I've some suggestions for improvement , it's a great app , but it would be better if you consider some points including:
1- adding auto rename for similar vpn names is necessary, E.g. ABC(1) and ABC(2) ... because when you import about 500 vpn profiles, probably too many of them have the same names ...
2- please add some options for creating an empty group, in cases that the profile numbers are too many , setting group names for all of them isn't easy. I know there are some tricks but having a specific option to do this is better.
3 - please do some improvements for auto disconnect when the connectivity is down , it's not working for me ,when i turn off mobile data vpn client pro is still running .

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Feature request

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thank you for the suggestions, I will think about...

About the auto connect issue:
Have you selected the "Disconnect when the mobile connectivity is down" option?
Have you checked the log for the reason? The log shown also the connectivity change events and the auto connect actions
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