Vibrations on status change

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Vibrations on status change

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Since this morning, my phone has been vibrating every few seconds for two short vibrations. It seems to be coming from the notification item "status change". When i set the notification to silent, it no longer vibrates. No settings or credentials have been changed in the app. Only flight mode was used tonight. Restarting the phone does nothing unfortunately.
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Re: Vibrations on status change

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On Android 8 and later notifications are managed by the Android system.
At the first start, the notification channels are created without sound and vibration. Once the notification channels have been created, the app can no longer modify them.
Unfortunately I don't know what happened to your device. If you are sure that the problem is related to the notifications of this app, I can advise you to remove it and to install it again from Google Play, in this way the notification channels should be recreated with the default settings.
Before removing the app remember to make a backup of the configuration so that you can restore it quickly.
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