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Clarifications about the new version of VPN Client Pro

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 3:49 am
by admin
The old version has been renamed to VPN Client Pro (Legacy).
The VPN Client Pro (Legacy), OpenVPN Client, SSTP VPN Client and OpenConnect Client apps are available only to customers who have already purchased them and can no longer be purchased. The purchsed apps can be found in "Account/Purchase history" or "My apps & games/Library" section of Google Play Store app. (Below you will find instructions on how to install previously purchased apps)
Customers who have purchased one or more apps can continue to use them as usual.
New customers can only use the new VPN Client Pro ( ... nclientpro).
The new VPN Client Pro offers the basic OpenVPN feature for free, while the other features can be unlocked with a annual subscription or lifetime license. The subscriptions have a 7-day trial period and are modular, so that the customers can choose which functions to unlock.

Instructions to install the previously purchased apps:
  • open Google Play app
  • tap on top left icon
  • tap on "Account"
  • tap on "Purchase history" tab
  • scroll down until you find the purchased app
  • tap on its row
  • tap on "VIEW" button
  • tap on "Install" button