Android TV - non standard RES (HI RES) - OPTIONS

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Android TV - non standard RES (HI RES) - OPTIONS

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Hello, I have some Android TV devices and discovered this problem using my 2 Nvidia Shield TV PRO (once I've activated in the developer menu some extra features.. appeared with the latest version of Android TV from NVIDIA).
I always hated the gigantic icon-based scheme used by the TV version of Android. A few months ago I activated new options in the developer menu and finally the horrible look with giant icons disappeared.
Practically everything works (at least, no problems with any app I usually use)... except the VPN Client PRO configuration menu! In a nutshell, I'd say the first portion at the top ends... there, you don't know where. This is because it's not parts of the menu that go beyond the screen (in this case with the remote control I think I should still be able to go to that part even though I can't see it on the screen). , the problem is that at least the first 'options menu line' simply disappears, as if it didn't exist

In other words: I can modify all the options, but can't save.. since the "apply" button simply does not exist using this resolution..
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Re: Android TV - non standard RES (HI RES) - OPTIONS

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It seems that the Android ROM on your TV does not have television UI mode set, so the layouts for mobile devices are shown.
I'm sorry but this problem needs to be solved by the Android ROM developer.
TV devices must use the layouts present in the "layout-land-television" folder, it seems that the changes made in the developer menu broke this rule and the device is using the layouts for mobile devices.
To fix this you need to adjust the options in the developer menu so that the TV uses the correct layouts.
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