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Android (and Google) TV on TCL Smart TV

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2023 11:57 am
by mariosbbs
hello, I'm using VPN CLIENT PRO on some devices (also on FireTV 4K MAX but using some older version -1.18 or less,.newer does not work - of VPN CLIENT)
The very BIG PROBLEM is related to TCL 65" miniled smarttv (but the same was on 55c725 qled before I switched to this miniled ).. the app won't autostart (tried also with the work around for AndridTV found here).
Also tried to use IPVANISH, CYBERGHOST, PUREVPN.. APK but won't autostart if I enable the feature if present (no problems on other ANDROID TV devices if some autostart feature is present also VPN CLIENT PRO).

Today I've tried to purchase (using 7 days trial) some VPN CLIENT PRO feature under licence ( wireguard client, connection on demand, automatic connect..) but stil doesn't start 😐 (tried using all the available TCL ANDROID and Google TV firmware/image). With this BIG problem there is another one : the VPN get disconnected in seconds. I mean, after a manual connection I exit from the apk and the VPN disconnect !

IPVSNISH and VPN CLIENT PRO apk are much more stable and once manually connected does not disconnect (can happen, but it's not a "plague" because don't always disconnect after some second once I close the apk.

I'm absolutely sure (now!) that this problem can be completely solved. This because I've tried using Internet Private Connection VPN (APK) with the account purchased by a friend of mine and it SIMPLY WORKS!
For some reason can't always connect at the system start, but never disconnect.. once connected you can do everything and VPN still on.
Maybe that workaround in "Always-on-VPN" 3d was related to some previous version of VPN CLIENT PRO ? Because some step are not equal/present..

the VPN CLIENT PRO (1.01.53) problem (on TCL smartTV) can be the feature "start on demand monitor" .. that can be started only manually ?

Re: Android (and Google) TV on TCL Smart TV

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2023 9:43 am
by admin
On Android, automatic app launch occurs when the app receives the "android.intent.action.BOOT_COMPLETED" or "android.intent.action.QUICKBOOT_POWERON" event from the operating system.
When the app receives one of these events, depending on the configuration, it automatically starts the VPN connection or the Auto connect/On demand monitors
If the app does not start automatically it means that it is not receiving these events and therefore the problem is external to the app.

As for disconnecting, it appears your device isn't keeping background services running. This is also an operating system specific issue.
To solve it you can try following these steps:
  • start the app
  • tap on Global Options button
  • tap on "App settings"
  • select "Acquire WakeLock"
  • save the changes
  • start the VPN

Re: Android (and Google) TV on TCL Smart TV

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2023 3:19 pm
by mariosbbs
Thanks, in the meanwhile I've done some other tests (but now I'm at the the office and can't go forward until late in the afternoon)

installed a very old fw image (version 9 of Android TV) and VPN Client PRO (latest version present on the PlayStore) seem to works.. almost, but.. :

1) The ETH1 connection stop to work after some seconds the VPN Client is started.. ("no internet connection" ???? but not only the internet, no network connection at all and the eth1 interface seem disabled.. can't be opened at all, so neither the manual options can be viewed/changed) I can be more precise:
the ETH1 stop to work at exact moment the VPN Client try to connect (so, I've disabled the AUTO CONNECT and CONNECT ON DEMAND for try to change some option until this strange problem appears to be solved, but until now haven't found some possible solution.. with in mind the idea to test if the same problem occur also with the WiFi and also for try the specific wireless options (e.g. "connect when this SSID is detected" ) I've enabled the WiFi and connected to the 2.4 channel, but SURPRICE: all works without problems (I've tried only for some minutes before to come back to the office)

2) all the Android TV 10 (and Google TV) versions (on all TCL SmartTV) must have the same problem.. isn't keep - at least SOME - background service running. I had gotten some ideas just about something similar and for that reason I performed hundreds of tests with every version of Android TV 11 and Google TV 11 released by TCL. First of all, I tried removing the power saving features at every software and service reachable under apps and system apps.. without getting any useful results.
Unfortunately TCL has fixed several big problems only with the latest versions ( so we are talking exclusively about Android TV and Google TV 11 )..and they are quite serious problems, such as for example the inability to handle HDMI sources equipped with Dolby Vision and things like that (if activated they leave the screen completely black while the audio works perfectly ! Problem that "magically" does not exist using newer Android/Google TV 11 versions ). The "beauty" is that these are TV models that are sold as "Dolby Vision / HDR10+ enabled.." (I seem to remember that one of the Android TV 9 versions released did not have this problem, but had many others ! :( )

Re: Android (and Google) TV on TCL Smart TV

Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2023 7:37 am
by admin
I'm sorry about all these problems, but unfortunately they all seem to be problems caused by the manufacturer.

When the VPN disconnects are there errors in the VPN profile log?

Re: Android (and Google) TV on TCL Smart TV

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2024 10:49 am
by mariosbbs
Hello, at the end I've sold this BAD TCL ( C725 2021 - model) :roll:

Re: Android (and Google) TV on TCL Smart TV

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2024 10:19 am
by lexi

can you please provide instructions on how you installed VPN Client Pro on the FireTV 4K Max? It would be really great to use it on my Stick and not only my Android Phone.