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Quick Settings Tiles

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Hi. I just installed VPN Client Pro and purchased a subscription. I have a couple questions:

- Is it possible to have more than 4 quick settings tiles?

-If not, I think I can use tasker to create more tiles. But how do I send and intent from tasker to enable a vpn profile?
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Re: Quick Settings Tiles

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Thank you for the purchase.

The quick setting tiles must be hardcoded in the Android manifest, and is not possible to add it at runtime. This is the reason why the tiles number is fixed to 4.

The app expose the Tasker plug-in interface, so you can control the VPN by using the Tasker action plug-in. (The app also expose event and status plug-in)

As alternative to quick tile you can use the shortcuts.
Here the steps to create a shortcut:
  • start the app
  • tap on VPN name
  • tap on top right icon with 3 dots
  • tap on "Create shortcut"
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